Wildfire Detection System

New generation of wildfire detection system InsightFD 3 is the leading dual solution, equipped with EO/IR sensors and AI assisted algorithms, IP66 certified and can operate in hot, cold and windy environments.

Insight Robotics, the #1 thermal-based wildfire detection solution provider, unveiled today its new flagship wildfire detection system, InsightFD 3. Designed to provide the most accurate wildfire detection in hot, cold and windy environment, InsightFD 3 features AI-based automatic IR detection engine with hypersense technology, the most sophisticated smoke detection engine and operation room application, high resolution live video streaming (H.265), both day-time and night-time detection, all in a sleek, compact design built for forest use.

Featuring a market leading IR sensor and detection engine, InsightFD 3 is capable of discovering early wildfire as small as 2 meter-square at 5km and capable of detecting events up to 20km. Together with the state-of-the-art GIS and management platform – Insight Globe 3, empowering wildfire services, national parks and forestry customers to early discover wildfire, with accurate fire location and real time situation awareness for critical decision making. Customers can then take actions based on the captured data to more effectively plan suppression operations, alert 3rd parties with a vested interest – such as nearby public communities and local farmers – thereby reducing and mitigating wildfire damage and risk.

With over 10 years of experience in wildfire detection business along with an extensive customer base in four continents, InsightFD 3 offers one of the highest accuracy, precision, coverage and degree of automatic operation in the wildfire detection industry. In addition, InsightFD 3 includes standard APIs that support third-party weather station, fire danger index software and fire spread prediction system, enabling users to plan, respond, and prepare for wildfire outbreak.

“InsightFD 3 breaks through the boundaries of wildfire detection by having an incredibly weather-resistant design and form factor that is consistent with Insight Robotics’ heritage of simple setup and ease-of-use, marking a massive leap in the wildfire detection market,” said Rex Sham, Chief Science Officer of Insight Robotics. “Our new flagship wildfire detection system represents a major advancement in Computer Vision, AI and Robotics in wildfire detection applications. InsightFD 3 is a complete solution for those who desire the best possible protection for their natural resources and any community threatened by wildfire!”

For more information about our Insight Robotics wildfire detection system, please visit www.insightrobotics.com/en/services/wildfire-detection-system/.

About Insight Robotics Limited:

Insight Robotics Limited is a pioneering technology company founded in Hong Kong. The organisation underwent a restructuring exercise in 2017 in order to align more effectively with its vision and mission, while facilitating active risk management of the world’s assets by generating and making sense of data – all to make the world a better and safer place. Insight Robotics develops automated technology to provide industry data-driven insights via which to quantify risks and plan accordingly. Industry professionals are able to use real-time data collected from robots and sensors – and presented by our geospatial intelligence system (GIS) platform – to contain dangerous or costly situations in a timely manner.